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  1. That is fine. It's not a big issue. I can edit via my iOS device in the meantime if I need to.
  2. Hello Garima, I have emailed support with your request for further information: 1) I am unable to furnish you with the logs. There aren’t any. When I click on ’Show Logs’, it states nothing to show here. 2) Data location is currently: /users/defualtuser/Documents/Enpass 3) Data was imported from SplashID via CSV file which has been cleaned up. The SplashID CSV import didn't work so I used a method another user of the forum suggested. Long winded way but it worked...kind of. 4) I’m synching via iCloud. What next?
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. You may want to pass on to your QA team I installed Enpass from The App Store rather than directly from your website. Would there be a slight difference between the app functionality perhaps? BTW I'm using Enpass 6.4.2 on MacOS 10.14.6 if this helps? I have enabled logs and can email to support too. Just let me know if you want me to send them? PS. I'm liking what I see with Enpass so far. I was a long-time SplashID user previously.
  4. Hello again Garima and Pratyush, I have made a screen recording and this can be accessed or downloaded from here: https://v.gd/bHaUQJ Just to clarify we are 'on the same page', this is about curating my custom icons 'stored' within the custom icons section within Enpass for Mac desktop. It is not about replacing the icon showing in a record. That I can do. It's where the icons are STORED. The video should assist. It won't win me an oscar though!
  5. Thanks Pratyush for the reply. However, the right-click on the custom icon to delete does not work on my desktop version. I have just tried again. Hence why I OP'd. BTW, the screenshot isn't appearing for me. I'm using Safari 13.1.1 on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave if this helps?
  6. For MacOS desktop users, you may be wondering how to remove custom icons. In the MacOS desktop version, there is no ability (currently as of version 6.4.2) to remove custom icons you may have uploaded. Why would one want to do this you may ask? Some icons uploaded may not be the quality or size you wish to appear. It's a bit of trial and error sometime to get just the icon quality you wish for. Of course you might want to do some housekeeping and delete or remove these unwanted superfluous icons from the icon library from time-to-time. So how do you achieve this? The answer is via your mobile Enpass app. In my case it's iOS. I cannot vouch for the ability of other platforms. So here are the steps: 1. Open and login to your mobile Enpass app. 2. Choose / tap on any record. It doesn't have to be the record the dodgy icon applies or did apply to. 3. Choose / tap edit in the top right-hand corner. 4. Choose / tap the record icon > a pop-up give you 3 options > choose / tap 'Choose'. 5. All your icons will appear. Notice custom icons at the top? > Choose / tap 'Manage' in the right-hand corner. 6. Your custom icons will be presented with little red minus symbols. > Choose / tap the custom icon you wish to remove / delete. > Done! 7. Hit the < back symbol to go back to your record and hit 'cancel' in the top left-hand corner. 8. That's it. Sorted! Hopefully the development team have this functionality request on their 'nice to have' development updates list for future updates of the desktop version. I hope this assist other desktop users? Cheers - Winco.
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