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  1. I paid for Enpass too however, my first priority is to have access to my data and secondly to have it synchronised across my devices. Many of us use OneDrive as our primary method of sync. This issue, between Enpass and Microsoft needs to be sorted out by Enpass. The lack of transparency about what is going on is worrying.
  2. Enpass support have no idea how to fix. The issue is between Enpass and Microsoft. If you do or have another place like Dropbox to sync to then move on to another password program. Enpass, fix this or else.
  3. I have solved this for now by moving storage location to DropBox. Suggest you all do the same to ensure preservation of data. Enpass needs to sort this out before they get carved up with bad ratings in the stores.
  4. This is a disaster for me as well. My Windows laptop is working OK. My Samsung Note 10+ is not syncing My iPad Pro is not syncing. I add data on all devices. The whole idea was to purchase a platform that would be secure and work.
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