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  1. Yes, it does generate 'excellent' passwords, such as "flatus-pad-numeral-crisply-mustang-jawed-daze-poncho" which is a bit too long for me to type, especially on a mobile phone, or "KC#os~0eH>1Ze8v3~Wk~B:Wc/7W(Wf79" which is impossible to type. EDIT: I've noticed that including any real words, even ones like th!5, cause a poor rating unless the string is very very long. I'm going through all my passwords now and changing the field from 'password' to 'text' so I can remove the warning labels.
  2. PASSWORD BELOW IS 'VERY POOR'. Every Item in my list is very poor or weak.
  3. All my passwords have warnings on them. Ev3n0nesTh4tL00kL1keThis666***** Is there any way to remove these warnings so I am not admonished every time I use your app? Many thanks
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