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  1. Hi, thank you for your reply, Yesterday i purchased a new licence on my new IPhone to get full access at least there. And on my windows pc still the same trouble, can't open with the same master password as i opened it on Iphone. I Think i should reset installation, but I reinstalled several times.I asked myself wy enpass never ask for the Data to open or a Name / mail where licence is registert when I had uninstall and installed new.
  2. That doesn't helb, My IOS System ist not the Problem, I use it on Windows PC not in my mobile phone on purchased version. So I purchased another way maybe per paypal . don't know. Is the Problem with my Password because of the end of purchasetime? normally it schould start at least in trial version but it doesn't start on windows with password Fail,
  3. Hi, I guess several (maybe 6 to 8) weeks ago it starts, that i could't enter my enpass from my (payed full version access) Windows destop app anymore. The Backup is synced in my dropbox and I run it also on my i-phone but a 25PW restrictet free version. Since couple weeks my windows desktop app has allways shown wrong master password. Tryed many times to enter password by hand, by copy an paste and so on, doesn't work. For me it was Okay for the time becaus I had the most important passwords on my iphone. But now I crashed my Iphone and I needed my enpass accass on another I phone. So I used the last Iphon backup and I opened it with enpass on my new Iphone with my standard Master password and it works again. Unfortunately I'm missing som passwords in the Trail I Phone version so that I have to run my Desktop version ageain to get full access to all passwords. But that doesn't work. Even I am using the same password like on my Iphone version. Maybe good to know: In the past I changed the master password once but I changed it back and it was running with the original one again. Until the problem starts. Anyone any Idea what happened and how to solve the problem? Is there any difference between the two data (iphone Backup and teh enpass Sync?), How can I open specific backups with enpass. When I know the Iphone backup is running with my masterpassword, could I open this backup with desktop Enpass? On my Iphone trial version 25 passwords are possible, but I've 40. When I delete one of the 25 shown passwords it only shows 24 passwords and not one of the others. So can I choose which 25 of 40 passwords I want to see? Thank you for your help, because I'm little lost and I need access to several passwords.
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