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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I activated 2FA for my Ubisoft account. Now the 2FA code must be entered when I start the Ubisoft uPlay Client (Windows application). If you implement the Login into Desktop Applications: then Enpass should also copy the 2FA Code into the clipboard after logging me into the application. Best regards OLLI
  2. Hello, I really like Enpass, but one very important feature is missing: allow to login into Desktop Applications like: Steam uPlay Game Launchers (like “Elite Dangerous” or “Star Citizen”) Database tools Admin tools etc Please add a way to log into applications by pressing the Assistant-Hotkey. To identify the correct application you may use the process name or (like KeePass) the window title (but this is not really secure). Here is the documentation about the Auto-Type feature KeePass: https://keepass.info/help/base/autotype.html KeePass protects the data while pasting using the Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation: https://keepass.info/help/v2/autotype_obfuscation.html Best regards OLLI
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