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  1. JeffB

    Beta 6 Walkthrough

    After doing more work in the Beta on Windows 10, my impressions are: 1. the UI is good but requires some getting familiar. It does not seem to follow modern control placement. One thing that is difficult is the amount of distance needed to travel with the mouse to get to successive controls. For example, the edit control is near the middle of the screen, but the save button (which really doesn't look like a button at all) is on the far right. 2. I like the new Identity type. Is it possible to convert the Contact type from Enpass 5 to an Identity type? 3. The new Identity type has odd fields. The Phone Mobile is a duplicate for Phone cell. And the capitalization on the fields is not consistent: Phone Mobile, Phone cell, Phone home. Phone cell should probably be Phone Work, but that is already in the Work section. Also, the Initial field should be named either Prefix or Title, and there should be a Suffix field to handle Jr or III. 4. The handles on the fields to reorder the sequence is a nice feature. I love the new capabilities and look forward to the continued development of the product. Thanks.
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