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  1. Today's update to the Edge Extension ( greatly improved both performance and reliability. Thanks for your extra work to make this a solid update. Is there any time frame on when the V6 update might be generally available? Thanks, JeffB
  2. I will post on the Edge Extension forum too, but today's update significantly improved reliability and performance. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. JeffB
  3. This is in the nature of an enhancement request, but I would consider it a minor bug. When I select one of the alphabet headings, the alphabet picker windows is displayed. When I select a letter, the current position is set to the letter heading. That works as expected. The problem is the position is set to the bottom of the screen (actually off the bottom of the screen. That section should really be at the top of the screen so that whole section of the alphabet is displayed. It is not a major issue, but would really polish up the feature. Thanks, JeffB
  4. I would like to offer an enhancement request for the Windows 10 version. Unlike the Android version, there is no mechanism to skip to an alphabetical section by clicking one of the letter headings to bring up the alphabet picker. This feature would be nice for the desktop version as well.
  5. Enpass Password Manager working on Insider 18298, but the Edge Extension throws errors. Not finding runtime DLLs vccorlib140.dll, msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll. JeffB
  6. If I can suggest an improvement to the password generation algorithm here. This is based on experience with some sites that do NOT allow special characters. It would be great to have a separator of NONE. And then if uppercase is selected, each word segment would have an initial capital (camel notation). Alternatively, separator of DIGIT would put random digits as separators. This would make the process easier and there would be less post-generation edits on the password. Another observation: I have seen a few websites over the last few days that require the password to be between 8 and 20 characters. That is not the best implementation, but that is what I was experiencing. Thanks, Jeff
  7. I have been using Enpass V6 on my Android V7.0 phone successfully since 11/30 and it has been working very well. Sync is smooth between PC and phone on OneDrive, my preferred cloud, but I am sure it will work with others since I tested earlier with Dropbox. I had reported slowness with signing in with Fingerprint security, but I have notice that it is the same when using the Master Password, so it is not the fingerprint processing that is slow, but is a general slowness with V6. I don't know if that can be improved but I hope so; it is at least 3 times longer than V5 (over 3 seconds on my phone). However, V6 features and functions are really appreciated, and I am confident the team will continue to improve the product that is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  8. I have very successfully install Enpass V6.0.197.0 on my primary machine running Windows 10 17763.167 as well as the Edge extension. They both work very well, it appears better than V5. However, I have also trying V6.0.197.0 on my test machine running the insider build 18290, and while the password manager installs from the Store, it throws an error complaining about a DLL. I am sure this will be low priority with the ongoing work for the production versions, but I wanted to pass along for future reference. It may be something with the OS or with the app. A screen shot of the error message is included. Thx
  9. Well, today the Windows 10 app and Edge extension updated to V6 and it all went smoothly, including automatic update and conversion of the V5 database. I am using Enpass V6 on my Android, but have not been able to sync with any of the services I tried (Dropbox and OneDrive). When trying OneDrive, it appears to go to the live.com site to try to sign in, but then seems to redirect to auth.enpass.io immediately and then returns back to the app immediately. There was a note earlier that Enpass is aware of sync setup issues and they are being worked, so I hope this is resolved shortly. Thanks, Jeff
  10. I was able to uninstall the .91 app, backup the .75 Beta locally, and reinstall the .91 app and load from the local backup. However, I am not able to setup sync with either Dropbox or OneDrive. That is some progress. I will now try using it and manually transfer any changes since the Beta testing. One big question: if there is a backup function for a vault, why isn't there a restore? This is a big question for the primary vault.
  11. Trying to install the latest Windows Beta on Insider Build 18282. Getting OpenGL error. See Image.
  12. I have had to switch back to to get to work, even though it was out of date. I am manually moving the few entries over for now. Hope we can get an update to, because is the only one that is working on Android now that .91 has blown away V5. And I sure hope they can improve the delay after fingerprint login. It is at least 3 times longer on V6 as V5.
  13. Piotrek, That doesn't work for me either. And as before, trying to load into a new vault crashes the app.
  14. Chris, The Beta is replacing the production V5 app that are Beta testers, and is v6.0.0.91. The Enpass Beta app is still
  15. Trying to load Enpass 5 backup into a new vault on Android: App crashes. And, of course, this means that I CANNOT use Enpass on my phone.