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  1. The Enpass extension from the Google Web Store is working very well on both the Dev and Canary release builds. I think the Enpass extension in the Microsoft Extension store is still V5, but I haven't checked in a couple of days.
  2. Friends, The Enpass Chrome plugin was working on test (leaked) build of Edge on Chromium version 111 (which is often called Edgium). I just upgraded to 19H1 on the slow ring (presumably the Release Preview coming next week). Now I am getting an error as below. I will continue to test and hope that the Beta Edge on Chromium comes out soon, and I will go back to Brave with the Enpass extension until I can get the stable Edgium. Browser requesting the data is not code signed. You can share the following diagnostics with us at support@enpass.io. code : 3 origin : chrome-extension://kmcfomidfpdkfieipokbalgegidffkal path : C:\Users\jeffrey\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe port : 49964 server_port : 10391 Just passing along in case it helps. Not sure where the
  3. I have been able to get the early (leaked) beta of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge identified as x.107. As I have become dependent (and depend on) Enpass, it was great to see it works well out of the box. I have been using Google Web Store version, and that works well on the new Edge. There is a Extension in the new Microsoft Store for Enpass, but it is a 5.x version. Microsoft should be notified that the version of the extension should be updated to the latest 6.x version before the formal Beta starts. Thanks, JeffB
  4. In addition to the changes to the Power Options noted above, I also had to use the Catalyst Control Panel for my Radeon adapter and set the Switchable Graphics for the Enpass app to Maximize Performance. If settings were other, the 1114 load library error would appear again. I am hoping that things are settling now. I have also have to work on settings for other applications that use DirectX graphics, including Brave browser and the Snip and Sketch tool.
  5. It is now Enpass v6 that is not working. Let me know if there is specific information you might find useful. I am also loading up another system to see there is something about that installation.
  6. Well, we are at build 18312 and the Password Manager app is not working, nor is the Edge Extension. I am not worried about the Edge extension because it's future is limited with the announced change for Edge to replace EdgeHTML with Chromium. So I assume the Chromium extension will work when it arrives. But the Password Manager app not working is more of a concern. It throws an error "LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed." This has been going on for weeks now on these 19H1 builds. I am suspecting it is something missing from the build, and not directly part of the Enpass application. However, we are getting closer and closer to the release, and it is not working. My concern is growing. However, it is somewhat reassuring that other important apps are also not working, so it is not just Enpass. Thanks
  7. I am baffled by the discussions above on free Vs paid features. I was glad to pay for the Windows Hello integration and the templates. It is a one time charge of 6 USD. Almost all the other services are subscription and require much more than the 6 USD per year. For me, Enpass provides the best solution both technically and financially. Thanks
  8. Sorry for posting this. After rebooting, Hello is now working as expected. Keep up the good work.
  9. I used the Beta version for some time and I just purchased the Premium version to get the dark theme and Windows Hello. The Dark theme and Hello worked on the Beta, but stopped working a couple of days ago. I purchased the Features update, and now Dark theme is working again, but Hello isn't working even though it is selected. Is there something that needs to be enabled?
  10. Today's update to the Edge Extension ( greatly improved both performance and reliability. Thanks for your extra work to make this a solid update. Is there any time frame on when the V6 update might be generally available? Thanks, JeffB
  11. I will post on the Edge Extension forum too, but today's update significantly improved reliability and performance. Thanks for your hard work and dedication. JeffB
  12. This is in the nature of an enhancement request, but I would consider it a minor bug. When I select one of the alphabet headings, the alphabet picker windows is displayed. When I select a letter, the current position is set to the letter heading. That works as expected. The problem is the position is set to the bottom of the screen (actually off the bottom of the screen. That section should really be at the top of the screen so that whole section of the alphabet is displayed. It is not a major issue, but would really polish up the feature. Thanks, JeffB
  13. I would like to offer an enhancement request for the Windows 10 version. Unlike the Android version, there is no mechanism to skip to an alphabetical section by clicking one of the letter headings to bring up the alphabet picker. This feature would be nice for the desktop version as well.
  14. Enpass Password Manager working on Insider 18298, but the Edge Extension throws errors. Not finding runtime DLLs vccorlib140.dll, msvcp140.dll and vcruntime140.dll. JeffB
  15. If I can suggest an improvement to the password generation algorithm here. This is based on experience with some sites that do NOT allow special characters. It would be great to have a separator of NONE. And then if uppercase is selected, each word segment would have an initial capital (camel notation). Alternatively, separator of DIGIT would put random digits as separators. This would make the process easier and there would be less post-generation edits on the password. Another observation: I have seen a few websites over the last few days that require the password to be between 8 and 20 characters. That is not the best implementation, but that is what I was experiencing. Thanks, Jeff
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