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  1. Hello, is it possible to remove apps from autofill? Each time I change the number of items that I want to buy in my shopping list app Enpass pops in and offers me to fill the number from Enpass. However, the number of bananas that I want to buy is not so sensitive information that I want to store it in Enpass. And each time I add a new item to my shopping list Enpass wants to save it to its database. The shopping list app is SoftList (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.ridsoftware.shoppinglist).
  2. Hi, I'm currently running Enpass 6.0.1 (239) on Gentoo Linux. On the website (https://www.enpass.io/downloads/) I can see that version 6.0.6 is already available. When usimg Help/Check for Updates Enpass says there are no updates. How can I update my Enpass version? A deb file would be perfect for me.
  3. Can't confirm this here. I'm running Enpass 6 on Gentoo Linux and have just upgraded from to I can see that Enpass goes up to 100+% for a short moment, also when entering "Settings", but then drops to values below 5% and quickly goes to 0%. Sure this machine is much more powerful, although it's an old Sandybridge Core i7.
  4. Thanks for your work! I'm not a developer, but made some changes to your ebuild, adding execute permission and a symlink to /usr/bin/enpass: src_install() { insinto /; # install in /opt/enpass ENPASS_HOME=/opt/enpass doins -r usr/; doins -r opt/ fperms +x ${ENPASS_HOME}/Enpass fperms +x ${ENPASS_HOME}/importer_enpass dosym ${ENPASS_HOME}/Enpass /usr/bin/enpass } pkg_postinst() { gnome2_icon_cache_update xdg_mimeinfo_database_update xdg_desktop_database_update } pkg_postrm() { gnome2_icon_cache_update xdg_mimeinfo_database_update xdg_desktop_database_update } I also added pkg_postinst() and pkg_postrm(). I simply copied those from the spotify ebuild hoping that they do what they say ;-). As said before I'm not a developer.
  5. Thanks! You should add a symbolic link from /opt/enpass/Enpass to /usr/bin/enpass. This way you don't have to modify PATH for every user. ln -s /opt/enpass/Enpass /usr/bin/enpass
  6. /usr/share/applications/enpass.desktop´╗┐ exists and I rebooted the system. When I first called "xdg-open enpassauth://googledrive" in a terminal it started Firefox and tried to open a website containing something like auth.enpass. On the second call it opened Enpass. When I try to configure sync with Google Drive from Enpass I still have the same problem. I can see the page with the "Redirect" button for a short time, then get the "unknown protocol" message from Firefox (v64.0). Maybe I should take a closer look at WebDAV. Already considered to install it on my NAS. Update: Clicked on "Try again" on the Firefox error message (tried that yesterday several times) and this time I was redirected to Enpass and the Google Drive synchronisation was configured. Sync is working now.
  7. Hi, thank you! I already found it thanks to the post from @Edgar Diniz I manually installed it and everything looks fine so far except synchronisation with Google Drive. Whenever I click on allow, Firefox tries to open enpassauth://googledrive/?scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive.appfolder... (parts of URL removed) and gives me an error as it doesn't know the "enpassauth" protocol. It doesn't return to Enpass. But I guess I have to ask this in another thread. But I still have the problem that I will never know about an update to the desktop version and even if I now that there is a new version I have to guess the correct file name.
  8. Same problem here . I just updated the Android app to V6. Then I started the Maintenance Tool on my Gentoo Linux but it doesn't find any update. On the download page I can't download anything. I don't have an RPM or DEB based Linux distribution. Where can I download Enpass 6 for Linux Desktop? I'm willing to download the DEB package and install Enpass manually, wouldn't be the first package to do. But how/where can I manually download the package? Will v5.6.9 still work although I have v6 on my phone? What happens upon synchronisation? If I can't use Enpass on my mobile and my desktop, I have to look for an alternative to Enpass.
  9. Same here. Was using v5.5.6 on Gentoo Linux. Today I got an update information on Windows 7 to update from 5.6.0 to 5.6.5. So I checked on Linux again but although I'm using Enpass on Linux daily I got no update notification. There's also no "Check for updates" option in the menus. If I remember correctly Enpass notified my about new versions also on Linux. Or am I wrong? I manually started EnpassMaintenanceTool and it offered me the update to v5.6.5. Update went without problems but I don't know how many updates I missed...
  10. I'm running Gentoo Linux and Enpass didn't start anymore after updating to version 5.2. Error message was Enpass: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libssl.so: undefined symbol: EVP_idea_cbc Creating the link to libssl.so fixed the problem for me. I'm using openssl-1.0.2g.
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