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  1. I'm now on Enpass and don't see any improvements in Autofill. Strange thing is that for the mentioned Flagstack app Autofill doesn't work when app asks for user/password, but works after successfully logging in: on the login screen the Enpass icon appears on the status line. When I drag it down there is a notification from Enpass saying "Touch for Autofill" (translated from German). When I touch it it returns to the app but nothing happens. After logging on the Enpass icon is still on the status line. When I now touch the notification Enpass is started, I unlock it, and Enpass offers to transfer username and password to the app. But this happens only after I logged in to the app manually. Another app that doesn't work with Autofill here is Polarsteps app. BTW: After switching options in Autofill settings off and on again the Enpass icon now doesn't appear anymore when trying to login in above mentioned apps. So strange...
  2. Hello and sorry for the late reply. I'm currently running Enpass on my OnePlus 7T (OxygenOS 10.0.12) and the problem still exists. Which Enpass version are you using on the same device? -> Let us know the websites or apps in which you are facing this issue? -> App not working: Flagstack (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.flagstack.app). Autofill worked fine on my OnePlus 3T running Android 9. Which browser you use on the same device? -> Chrome Are you facing the same response with other browsers too? -> No problem in browsers What method you use to auto-fill the details(Keyboard, framework or accessibility)? -> "Android Autofill Service", "Enpass Keyboard" and "Accessibility" are all enabled
  3. Hello, I installed Chromium and made it the default browser, then tried again to restore my data from Google Drive. This time it worked! Thanks for the help. The interface looks ugly on the Ubuntu system compared to my SuSE KDE Plasma system but since it is just a VM for tests it doesn't matter. Kind regards, Oliver
  4. Hello, after switching to a new phone running Android 10 (old phone was running Android 9) autofill doesn't work for me anymore in apps that worked before (on Android 9). Autofill is enabled in Enpass ("Android Autofill Service" enabled, "Enpass Keyboard" enabled, Autofill using Android Accessibility is enabled). When I open the app and get the login prompt I can see the Enpass icon appear in the status bar, but nothing happens. When I press the user or password field , select the 3 dots and select AutoFill I get the message "Content can't be filled automatically (translated from German message "Inhalte können nicht automatisch ausgefüllt werden"). Is this a problem of Android 10, Enpass (version is, the app (for example Flagstack app, Geocaching Adventure Lab app or komoot app) or me?
  5. Hello, I'm using Enpass without problems on SuSE Tumbleweed Linux, Android 10 and Windows 10. I now tried to install Enpass (v6.4.1.643) on Ubuntu 18.04 (64 Bit). When I try to restore my data from Google Drive Enpass calls Firefox, I log on to Google and give Enpass access to my Google Drive. When I try to redirect back to Enpass I only get an error "-978" in Enpass, see attached screen shot. What's wrong?
  6. Hello, is it possible to remove apps from autofill? Each time I change the number of items that I want to buy in my shopping list app Enpass pops in and offers me to fill the number from Enpass. However, the number of bananas that I want to buy is not so sensitive information that I want to store it in Enpass. And each time I add a new item to my shopping list Enpass wants to save it to its database. The shopping list app is SoftList (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.ridsoftware.shoppinglist).
  7. Hi, I'm currently running Enpass 6.0.1 (239) on Gentoo Linux. On the website (https://www.enpass.io/downloads/) I can see that version 6.0.6 is already available. When usimg Help/Check for Updates Enpass says there are no updates. How can I update my Enpass version? A deb file would be perfect for me.
  8. Can't confirm this here. I'm running Enpass 6 on Gentoo Linux and have just upgraded from to I can see that Enpass goes up to 100+% for a short moment, also when entering "Settings", but then drops to values below 5% and quickly goes to 0%. Sure this machine is much more powerful, although it's an old Sandybridge Core i7.
  9. Thanks for your work! I'm not a developer, but made some changes to your ebuild, adding execute permission and a symlink to /usr/bin/enpass: src_install() { insinto /; # install in /opt/enpass ENPASS_HOME=/opt/enpass doins -r usr/; doins -r opt/ fperms +x ${ENPASS_HOME}/Enpass fperms +x ${ENPASS_HOME}/importer_enpass dosym ${ENPASS_HOME}/Enpass /usr/bin/enpass } pkg_postinst() { gnome2_icon_cache_update xdg_mimeinfo_database_update xdg_desktop_database_update } pkg_postrm() { gnome2_icon_cache_update xdg_mimeinfo_database_update xdg_desktop_database_update } I also added pkg_postinst() and pkg_postrm(). I simply copied those from the spotify ebuild hoping that they do what they say ;-). As said before I'm not a developer.
  10. Thanks! You should add a symbolic link from /opt/enpass/Enpass to /usr/bin/enpass. This way you don't have to modify PATH for every user. ln -s /opt/enpass/Enpass /usr/bin/enpass
  11. /usr/share/applications/enpass.desktop exists and I rebooted the system. When I first called "xdg-open enpassauth://googledrive" in a terminal it started Firefox and tried to open a website containing something like auth.enpass. On the second call it opened Enpass. When I try to configure sync with Google Drive from Enpass I still have the same problem. I can see the page with the "Redirect" button for a short time, then get the "unknown protocol" message from Firefox (v64.0). Maybe I should take a closer look at WebDAV. Already considered to install it on my NAS. Update: Clicked on "Try again" on the Firefox error message (tried that yesterday several times) and this time I was redirected to Enpass and the Google Drive synchronisation was configured. Sync is working now.
  12. Hi, thank you! I already found it thanks to the post from @Edgar Diniz I manually installed it and everything looks fine so far except synchronisation with Google Drive. Whenever I click on allow, Firefox tries to open enpassauth://googledrive/?scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/drive.appfolder... (parts of URL removed) and gives me an error as it doesn't know the "enpassauth" protocol. It doesn't return to Enpass. But I guess I have to ask this in another thread. But I still have the problem that I will never know about an update to the desktop version and even if I now that there is a new version I have to guess the correct file name.
  13. Same problem here . I just updated the Android app to V6. Then I started the Maintenance Tool on my Gentoo Linux but it doesn't find any update. On the download page I can't download anything. I don't have an RPM or DEB based Linux distribution. Where can I download Enpass 6 for Linux Desktop? I'm willing to download the DEB package and install Enpass manually, wouldn't be the first package to do. But how/where can I manually download the package? Will v5.6.9 still work although I have v6 on my phone? What happens upon synchronisation? If I can't use Enpass on my mobile and my desktop, I have to look for an alternative to Enpass.
  14. Same here. Was using v5.5.6 on Gentoo Linux. Today I got an update information on Windows 7 to update from 5.6.0 to 5.6.5. So I checked on Linux again but although I'm using Enpass on Linux daily I got no update notification. There's also no "Check for updates" option in the menus. If I remember correctly Enpass notified my about new versions also on Linux. Or am I wrong? I manually started EnpassMaintenanceTool and it offered me the update to v5.6.5. Update went without problems but I don't know how many updates I missed...
  15. I'm running Gentoo Linux and Enpass didn't start anymore after updating to version 5.2. Error message was Enpass: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/libssl.so: undefined symbol: EVP_idea_cbc Creating the link to libssl.so fixed the problem for me. I'm using openssl-1.0.2g.
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