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  1. Hi @Garima Singh Thanks for reply, we tried to download the Windows 10 version shown but it started to bring us towards a Microsoft App store but we don't have a Microsoft account. So we decided to download the 32 bit version called "Traditional Win 32" version 6.6.0 - That download seems to be working as expected after installation and eventually restoring the sync file off the Google Drive cloud storage via the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Hi Enpass, could you please tell me and direct me to a version of Enpass that is still supported on Windows 7. Thank you in advance
  3. @Garima Singh Thank you for reply and links. I checked out your link and downloaded the v5.6.10 (Enpass 5) for Windows and it installed on the Windows XP 32 bit machine and it appears to be working/syncing as normal. Thank you for assistance.
  4. Hello Enpass Support, What was the last version of Enpass supported on Win XP (32bit) machines. I have someone running a machine with v5.2.0 and its working away as expected with sync of backup file to Box cloud servers. Just wondering if it can be updated to version 5.6.9 if I can get the .exe anywhere. I recall that versions >5.6.9 required a 64bit machine and that the sync wallet file was changed to from "sync_default. walletx" to a newer file called "vault.enpassbsync". Does Enpass have a archive folder online where a user can access older versions the Enpass software directl
  5. Any chance of coding in a confirmation UI/UX GUI for users (like my good self) that have accidental deleted a Field / Section / File. I have the unfortunate experience of hitting the "Delete" button by accident while in edit mode of a Field for example. This has happened to me after making a large number of edits in a ITEM at which point I have had to make a decision not to undo edits and continue to "Save" the item, losing that particular piece of important data. Also where does that deleted information go, it's not in trash bin to recover? Maybe the addition of a "Confirmation of
  6. Hi support team, Updated my Linux Lubuntu 18.10 (64 bit) with new Enpass V6.0.0.230 and then today with V6.0.1.239 and it's eating my CPU processing power after entering password. It especially locks up when entering into "Settings" section of application. As it stands the update is not very user friendly when accessing my passwords/logins and it's very slow. I don't know if any other users are experiencing this issue. The machine is a 64 bit Acer Netbook D255e and CPU is a Intel Atom N455 (1.66GHz, 512KB cache), RAM 2GB. Sure its not a modern state of the art machine but Firefox v64
  7. @Vinod Kumar "Enpass not syncing correctly because 2 sync files now being used after v6 update on iOS device, cannot update Linux 32 bit machine as no update appears to be available" Hi, I have problem with my sync to Dropbox folder Apps/Enpass. The problem appears to be that the new v6 Enpass update on iOS has generated a new sync file in my Dropbox. In my online cloud Dropbox folder Apps/Enpass, there's now 2 files, the older one called "sync.default.walletx" which still works with my Linux desktop application ( 32bit Linux Mint 18.3 v5.6.9) when I edit/add/delete password a
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