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  1. So, I still cannot sync from my PC to dropbox. Syncing works on my iPhone. Is there anything that the developers can tells us regarding fixing this issue? The whole reason for having a password manager in the cloud is to allow seamless syncing and usability between various devices.
  2. Probably should have given all that info in the beginning, sorry. The sync error is occurring on the Windows version (Windows 10 1803). When the problem was happening, I disconnected and had Enpass delete my sync file on dropbox. I do have my dropbox setup to use two-factor using a Yubikey on my PC. After reading the responses to this thread, I realized I had not tried the IOS version, yet, so I started up the new IOS version, it noted that I wasn't synced, so it setup the dropbox sync. No issues. I have a vault.enpassdbsync file now loaded in dropbox.
  3. Love the new look, hate not having my sync. Not sure what's happening. I setup my sync and the app directs me to the dropbox login and when I give permission to access the sync folder, I get a sync error. "Something went wrong while syncing with Dropbox. Error code: 208035" Any ideas to move forward?
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