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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have been meaning to switch from 1Password for a while now, and yesterday, after trying some half a dozen alternatives, I have finally settled with Enpass. It's a great program; thank you for making it! I am currently on Enpass, addon 5.3.1, Firefox 64-bit 50.0a2, Windows 10. I have a few feature requests: 1) Have the program take automatic backups at regular intervals to a specified location, preferably both the intervals and location being user-defined. This is something 1Password already does, and I think such regular backups are an important feature for a password manager. 2) Make it so that the browser extensions can work without the main program being open. Currently, if the main program is closed (by File -> Exit), the browser extensions can't communicate and show an error upon clicking their icon. 3) Let the keyboard shortcut for browser extensions work on the about:newtab page in Firefox. Plenty of times, I open the new tab myself and am just trying to use the hotkey to open the extension panel and go and fill to a website, but at least on the above page, the hotkey doesn't work. I can always click the extension's icon and search and go and fill, but that's only a workaround. Out of curiosity's sake, why is the hotkey disabled on this page? I think it is all the more required on this page because a new tab means the user wants a fresh start and maybe go and fill to a website is exactly what he wants. 4) For the browser extensions, provide a choice as to where the go and fill action will take place - in the current tab or in a new tab. At the moment, if you a search for a login and click it while being on about:newtab, the website will be loaded in the same tab. But if you do that on some other page, the website will be loaded in a new tab. So maybe have the same behaviour for both of these scenarios and let the user pick which behaviour it would be - open in current tab or open in new tab. Again, 1Password has this too. I tried editing the add-on myself because the last two of these requests were only minor changes in javascript, but it seems that the add-on stops working if it has been 'tampered.' Thanks for looking into this and thanks, again, for your app.
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