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Found 2 results

  1. I am a big fan of Enpass in China. However, I find Enpass take so much CPU time and send/receive so much traffic through internet. As a password manager app, I believe it do not need use CPU so often, or it do not need to send traffic so much.
  2. Hi. First I want to thank you for this great app. I move to Enpass from 1password around 3-4 weeks ago and is great. For me 1 reason was sync via Google Drive and Windows App. I try to ask you do you plan in future make some extra formating for Safety messages like BOLD, ITALIC, SMALLER and BIGGER font style etc. ?? This is so great if somebody put there a lot of messager with for exaple html/css/java scripts code or any other bash scripts. Was nice to see in future some more option formatting text in Safety messages. Second thing is better support for HDPi screens on macOS. First screen with lock valut is not so sharp and don`t use vector or HDPi graphic. Will be nice to improve this small things. This same some low DPi graphic you have on your website and board/forum and favicons. Sorry to catch this small details but I`m webdesigner and try to make everything ready for Retina Screens and HDPi. Good luck whit the app - is so great. if you want any help with for exapmple polish language let me know. I make a lot of translate improvment for WordPress and Woocommerce
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