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Found 2 results

  1. I could swear it used to be that if I clicked the 'X' in the upper right, Enpass exited. Now it minimizes to the system tray and that drives me insane. Since the dawn of Windows there has been a minimize button. 'X' is not it! Most programs give you a setting: minimize to taskbar or minimize to system tray. If I hit 'X' I want the same behavior expected of every application that has following UX guidelines in Windows since day one. Quit the program completely! Did I miss something? How do I get Enpass to do what it is supposed to do and honor my desire to fully quit the app? I am running the fat app 6.3.1 on Windows 10. I cannot stand UWP.
  2. xakraz

    SystemTray issue

    Hi there, I use Enpass 5.5.6 on Arch linux with i3 (as the main window manager) and XFCE applets and I have the following issues: When I activate the system tray and autostart options, the next time I start the computer the system tray icon is not show (I have to manually uncheck and check it again). Environment: AntergOS (Arch) i3 version 4.13 Enpass 5.5.6 exec --no-startup-id exec /opt/Enpass/bin/runenpass.sh startWithTray Any idea why? Thanks in advance.
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