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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying to move from 1Password to Enpass Mac. I get this is not a program written just for Mac, but there are basics it must meet in the Mac UI. 1. Remember Window Placement And Size On Launch w/ Multi Monitors - right now EVERY time I launch Enpass & the system is set to have it display on Display 2, it displays on the main display regardless of the Mission Control Dock Options setting. It's ignoring the system settings for window placement via Options on the dock. Every other Mac program sees & uses these settings; Enpass does not. 2. In dark mode, I can not see text highlighting in ANY field. The app must be set to highlight with a low opacity level rather than a solid color as is the case in light mode.I can perform a Select all ⌘-A and I see no highlighting, though the text IS selected. In light mode the same action results in normal behavior. In dark mode ... not at all. 3. I also wish that when going into edit mode when tabbing through fields, all the text in a field is selected & highlighted for quicker editing, rather than having to Tab, then hit ⌘-A, then edit the text. And if this is not the default behavior, make it a preference option at least. Also selecting text in any manner ⇧-↑, ⇧-↓, ⇧-→. ⇧-← you can't see highlighted text at all as the caret/selection moves. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 4. I wish double clicking on the item icon in the edit mode opened the icon picker. And also ⌃-Clicking the icon would bring up the contextual menu rather than the way it works now. Thanks ... Joe
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