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Firefox Extension: How to transfer password when password field does not allow paste

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I started today using Enpass as my first password manager (Windows, Firefox extension, Android). My first impression is very good but I found a use case using the firefox extension where I got stuck.

If I regulary change my password (or even once) and I'm ask to

  1. insert the old password
  2. insert the new password
  3. repeat the new password

How can I insert the old password entirely with Enpass?

I do not like copying from the extension to the clipboard (security reason) but this would be possible generally. But my first use case was to change the password on ebay.de but the password fields (and especially the old password field) does not allow pasting from clipboard.

Is it really the case that I have to type the old password myself? When using "complicated" and long passwords it is not comfortable and do not encourage to change your passwords often. 

In Android I saw that within the Enpass keyboard you select a stored account and you can transfer different selected fields directy to the fields (e.g. E-Mail and password) inside an Andoid App (I tried audible). Is there such a possibility also in the Firefox extension? Or how to use Enpass in the best way in this case?


Thanks and Regards



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same here for me - setting up a new log in any random website, including this very enpass forum site as well, I don't receive any prompt from enpass. so I fill out each field and ask enpass desktop to generate a password for copy/paste into the website account creation. at least the desktop app lets me copy the password. if I use the enpass browser ext. to generate a password it won't place it onto the clip board and it will often only fill one field, not both. and then it will be complicated to hand type all the info to create a new entry in enpass desktop app. rather awkward and lengthy.
and, last but not least - it would be rather helpful to have an instruction page on this or enpass site, explaining how to do these simple things instead of letting a newbie struggle and possibly toss the whole enpass app, choosing lastpass instead. 

I am using - firefox 50.0 on linux ubuntu 16
I have still yet to decide if I keep enpass and pay for the android extension.

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