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Enpass auto lock immediately after logging in to a website?


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Right now, enpass as it is, if I enter the master password using its hotkey to login to a website, the minimum amount of time before it auto locks is 1 minute. For the rest of my life, in that 1 minute, I need to make sure I don't give access of my laptop to anyone else, otherwise he will be able to view all my passwords. Considering how humans by nature err all the time, there is no way I can assure myself of perfect safety, I'm trying to switch from lastpass to enpass and this is the only problem I see with the enpass security model. Lastpass always asked me to enter my master password to view any password and never allowed viewing passwords without any security, even if for a short time. So, I would like to request a feature where enpass locks immediately(option must be provided) after logging in to a website. I hope this is implemented since it's related to security of the system itself. Thank you. 

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4 hours ago, Vikram Dabas said:

Hi @downloaderfan

Thanks a lot for taking time to write in and sharing your valuable thoughts. Both of your suggestions for 'never allowing to view a password without any security and Enpass locks immediately after logging in to a website' have been noted down.


Just to clarify, it is just one suggestion. Enpass desktop can lock itself whenever I close the window, so it works just as I expected. But in chrome, after I enter the master password and login to a website, enpass remains unlocked for 1 minute, which means all my passwords can be viewed without any security for one minute. If enpass auto locks itself right after logging into the website, the issue of viewing passwords without any security would also be fixed. 

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