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These issues require you to solve

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1. login options cannot be saved browser extensions, such as cannot be saved [Remember login status] [Login questions] [Login answer] additional login options, which led to the use of browser extensions login failed.
2. browser extensions when saving passwords project cannot choose which folder to save, this is very humane, require the user to manually modify the folders saved, very easy to use.
3. at the time of registration of software licenses, I found the software serial number does not support multiline input when filled in, hard to believe, as we all know, the serial number of the software is not only a line, but there are many, only needs a line input.
4. why there is no Recycle Bin functionality, if wrong password item is deleted, where can I find the password that I deleted?
5. hope you can add the more detailed code template categories, such as game land classification, mobile APP category, and so on.
6. Why is your password mask character always displays 6 bit? Why can't password length to show it?
7. hope you can add automatic website project icon gets features, website icons too single now.
8. hope you can fill in the project region displayed in the window, or when filling in too much content, it is easy to look at chaos, where you can learn about 1Password practices, their project template in fill in the category clearly on the window interface, will not let giddiness.
9. hope your attachments feature allows users to add multiple items at once.
10. want to allow the user to create a password template functionality, easy for users to fill out a similar password project, which is very user-friendly.

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