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Managing Imports & Folders

Jeff T.

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I'm a new user - really like Enpass so far.  I'm importing several hundred items from eWallet and having some difficulty.

I broke an eWallet Text Export into separate eWallet .txt files, creating a single text file for each eWallet folder.  

My plan was to Import the text file, move the items into a named folder from the Import Category, Delete those items from "Import" and then go on to the next text file Import.

This doesn't work.

The Import process works fine but when I move the Imported items into the target folder from the Import Category, it does not actually MOVE them from "Import" but instead appears to create a copy of the Item in the target folder.  This behavior seems different than what is documented in the Manual in regard to Drag&Drop.

Any subsequent attempts to delete the items from the Import Category deletes the item both in Import and in the target folder.  It seems to be simply creating a reference pointer to the item rather than creating a COPY of the Item or reassigning the item(s) to the target folder as desired.  I tried syncing, exiting and restarting but nothing changes the behavior.   Further Imports just keep piling up in the Import Category creating a bigger and bigger unorganized mess.  

Appreciate any help you can offer....would like to find a way to MOVE items into folders, or to be able to specify a target folder when performing the Import (rather than just dumping into the Import Category).


Update #1:  With further testing it seems that moving items from Category A to Category B works fine.  Moving items from Folder A to Folder B works fine. However when moving from any Category to any Folder, a Copy function rather than a Move function is performed.

Update #2:  Okay, I think I have an understanding now.  This is different that other products I have worked with...it seems that EVERYTHING (as in every item) must first be assigned to a Category.  Folders can exist but they are merely reference pointers to the actual items contained in the set of Categories.  Kind of like a different view of the same data.

I'll open a feature request (if one doesn't exist already) for the ability of the user to Add additional Categories. 


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