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Many websites cannot recognize their ID as well as PW field.

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When I am using iphone safari to make new account for any websites by using enpass, there are some issues for filling their ID, PW field by enpass 

It is really uncomfortable for making new account in iphone with using enpass to save my ID, PW. (Especially I always use random PW)

I would like to explain making new account process how I am used to do.

Get into websites making new account -> click safari extension and fill all of information in enpass -> comfirm -> However in here, enpass fills my ID, PW information to other field, not ID, PW field. 

When you try to use 1password to get a new account, it is really easy to make new one since 1password always recognizes where is a ID, PW, checking PW, email, contact number field when users make their new account. 

I really want to get these features. 

1. Please improve let websites could recognize where is ID, PW, checking PW filed when users make new account. (When you log in, it does really work. But when you try to make account it doesn't work really well) 

2. This is a great feature for improving UX which is in 1password already now. Let users do not copy password for filling checking password field, so that hope you improve when users comfirm their ID, PW by enpass safari extension with auto copy PW immediately in order to fill checking PW field without any remembering or copying PW by self. Otherwise users always should copy their PW in Enpass or should remember to fill cheking PW field when they are making. 

It was really bad UX for me to get account by having Enpass. I always would like to support you guys. 

So I really hope you improve or upgrade those features as soon as possible. 

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