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Changing of email address not working


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Hi @all,

I have successfully registrated me for the pro lifetime license, but I inserted by mistake my companies email address and not my private one.
So I tried to change it, but without success.

When changing the email I got the following messagers boxes:

  1. I proceed, that it will migrate my license to my new enter email.
  2. I get the follwing error. Whatever I click (Yes or No), I am coming back to the screen, where I used enter new email address.

Can someone please help me?

Best regards,

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On 2/14/2020 at 1:22 PM, Pratyush Sharma said:

Hi @mufti,

This issue has already been fixed. Could you please let us know what issue are you facing while changing email so that we can help you better.


I can confirm, that it was fixed.

But I didn‘t know it. So please inform the users next time :)

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