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Enpass Pro Android: can't get PRO on main phone, second phone workes


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Hi, i have linked my existing Android Pro license with my email today. After that i entered the pin-code i got on my secondary smartphone.Everything worked and i got an email that i'm now a registered user.

After that, i wanted to verify my main smartphone too. Unfortunately, i does not accept the 6 digit pin. It just circles endless without any error message.

Could anyone help me to solve this issue? My main smartphone is currently in trial mode and i can't access more than 10 of my entries.

Thank you very much in advance.

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9 hours ago, Ekalb. said:


Be careful, the 6-digit code is different from one device to another.
When you give your email address, you will receive a 6-digit code to enter in Enpass on the device concerned.

Hi Ekalb.

Thank you for your reply. I didn't know that. Is there a way to add my main phone also to my registered email? Will this issue be the same if i will use my email on a second windows or mac device?

I need my license on many devices and i had bought a pro license for windows, mac and android before the change to the subscription model. Everything worked perfect before.

Thank you for your help.

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I got an answer from Enpass today. It looks like they will solve this issue with the next patch.



It seems that there is an issue with the devices which do not have Play store installed in them. We are currently fixing the issue and it will be fixed in the next update. 

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,
Enpass Support Team


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