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Do I need separate subscriptions on Android and iOS?


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I already subscribed using iOS and was able to use the same vault with my laptop. However, I recently got an Android phone and for some reason, I can't do anything with the "already registered" option. I can enter my e-mail address but I just encounter a pop-up saying I'm not connected to the Internet. I'm pretty sure I'm connected to the Internet all the times I tried.

To be honest, I'm a bit fed up with the issues and slow response to fix it so if it turns out I need TWO SEPARATE SUBSCRIPTIONS, I'd probably just move to another service. On their first release as a subscription service, iCloud Sync started having issues on Windows and I just read that it was fixed on the Windows Store update today. I ended up disconnecting my vault from iCloud and moved it to Google Drive but now I'm encountering Error 404401 on Drive which forces me to disconnect and reconnect to sync. Even then, it doesn't fix my issue of not being able to use the same e-mail address on my Android phone.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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