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Hi guys,

First of all, thank you for this great app. After years using another password manager, I changed to Enpass due to security concerns. Although, let's be fair, the other app (Safe in Cloud) never had security issues.

Everything inside Enpass works fine to me, except the search mechanism that is a little bit slow and sometimes doesn't work.

If I open the app and go straight to the search function, it will not work. I can even write the complete name of what I'm looking for and it won't come out. If it's something starting with the letter Z, I have to scroll all the way from A to Z.

For the search to work, I have to leave the search menu (press back) and start the search again. Even then, there's a lag. You type the first letter and wait half a second and then the results start to come up. It's not immediate like the normal search on Android (ex. Search for an app on the app drawer).

I hope you can fix this.


Best regards

Vladimiro Costa

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