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Richard Brent

Sync Password Change (WebDav)

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One of the main reasons I use Enpass is the ability to self host my password safe on a WebDav server.

I have recently started to look at using multiple vaults and now have 3 pointing to different folders on the same WebDav server for different purposes.

This is becoming a pain however when I want to cycle my WebDav password every 3 months as I now have to go around all my devices and disconnect all Vaults from WebDav and save them again.

It would be great if instead of DISCONNECT there was an option to update Credentials on the Sync method. Not sure if this applies to other areas other than WebDav but for sure the pain of copying a long URL and juggling this and long passwords across Android Phone, Tablet and PC is rather frustrating.

If you could look at adding this to the mobile and desktop apps to just have the option of DISCONNECT or Update Credentials that would be great. Perhaps even a notification when the Credentials are invalid so that the user is prompted to make the change.

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