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enpass often crash after I wake it up from the background

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enpass often crash after I wake it up from the background


very good app that I payed for the Pro Upgrade.

crush problem is occasionally occur on my iPhone7 (ios10.3.3) and certainly occur on my iPad (ios 10.3.3) as follow,

first, I opened the Enpass and closed it to home screen. second, I arbitrarily opened another app, then I double click the home button and wake up Enpass from background.

And Enpass just display a white scene with a lock, no other response show until the Enpass crashed and quit.


This problem often breaks off my operation, because I have to wait and reopen Enpass.

I want this problem will be quickly resolved.


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I am seeing this same behavior. It has been going on for a few months now. I thought it would get resolved in an update, but it is still happening. I opened a support case this weekend. We'll see what they have to say.

Very frustrating. It crashes about half the time I relaunch it. Instead of prompting for my Touch ID, it just displays the white screen with lock for a few seconds then crashes.

I am on an iPhone7 with iOS 11.1.2, though this has been happening since around the time i upgraded to 11.0

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Hi, same problem on my iPad 4 mini, latest iOS. When Ihave opened Enpass and change to another app e.g. to copy a pwd or username just entered and want to go back to Enpass (via iOS control center or swipe left with 4 fingers or by going back to the home screen and using the Enpass icon) it hangs up (white screen) at the latest after the second time I do that. Usually I do it twice when I have a new login created and want to insert username and password.

It crashes more often when I have the ‘new login’ menu open in Enpass and not pressed ‘Save’. Alas all entries are lost then.


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