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Hangs on startup

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Reproduction steps:

  1. Start windows
  2. Open my daily software (PhpStorm, DataGrip, Postman, several others)
  3. Open enpass for the first time
  4. Enter password


  • Enpass shows the loading display. This keeps on for some time after which the lock screen is displayed again. I haven't measured but it seems to take as long as my lock duration is.
  • If I click inside the enpass window while it's trying to log in unsuccessfully, Windows shows a "window not responding" error for the enpass window.

Expected output:

  • Enpass is logged in.


Some more information:

  • This happens for me usually daily. It might happen twice or more, but I can't say for sure. Usually this is in the first hour after startup.
  • For the rest of the sessions (maybe 3-8 more) , login works as expected.


Even more information:

  1. What is your system configuration: Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit
  2. Which Enpass version are you running: Enpass 5.6.0
  3. Which cloud sync are you using: Google drive
  4. Are you using browser Extension: Yes
  5. What action did you performed, after which app started hanging: described above; this last time I was making a postman call to some endpoint and realised I needed a password from enpass (which was opened before, but not logged in)


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