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Will the bridged windows store version stay free?


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I'm a bit confused after reading Enpass for Windows: Which version should I use?

There are 3 versions for windows, 2 of those are free (traditional and bridged).
You want to keep the traditional version for windows 7 users and further developing focus will be for the bridged app. This would make me think that the Bridged app stays free like it is now.

But then you state the paid UWP app will be gone with the next major release and be replaced by the bridged version, that'll have the combined functions of traditional and UWP.

So, does this mean the final bridged version won't count as a free desktop variant? Or is there some schematic that only tablet/phone users have to pay for it, while desktop users can use the final bridged from the microsoft store for free? (I don't have enough knowledge about the Universal Windows Platform)


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Guest Akash Vyas

Hay @Biscuit

As you know the fully featured desktop variant of Enpass has always been free and will continue to remain as such and as the Bridged version on the Windows Store now is bridged from the same traditional app, it will remain free. In whatever way we shall be providing the bridged app on mobile devices (if they have significant number of users), it'll remain paid. 


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