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I have been using 1Password before. They had 2 great features I am missing in ENPASS


  1. When creating a NEW LOGIN, in the password field, 1PASSWORD would pop-up with a button "CREATE PASSWORD"... and one could create a great password.
  2. WHen openign a web page where one is to enter login credentials, the 1Password icon appeared in the USERNAME (or PW) field, one could click that and it would abstract the LOGIN credentials form the PW dartabase... this feature was great and would be great to have here as well.
  3. Same was on the iPhone app. Now, when open a page where one has to LOGIN on the iPhone, one cannot "FORCE" ENPASS to send the credentials of registered user  A or user B, etc.... not possible. One has to manually type the user name of one of the users...


Thank you for your kind attention.

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