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Enpass Browser Extension for Chrome & Opera not functional under Solus/Budgie

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OS: Solus 1.2 (DE: Budgie)
Chrome: 51.0.2704.106 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Opera: 38.0.2220.31
Enpass: 5.2.1

  • Fresh install of Solus + all updates run (as of today) (occurs in both VM and metal installs)
  • Installed Chrome and Opera via Solus Software Center.
  • Installed Enpass via EnpassInstaller.
  • Enpass Extension installed via Enpass website.

Browser support enabled. Chrome extension and Opera extension does not recognize Enpass running. Keyboard fill does not work. Clicking the Enpass extension does not work. Right-clicking the browser extension, selecting "Enpass", does nothing.

Tested with default browser (Firefox 47.0.1) and Enpass browser extension. Keyboard fill works as expected. Clicking the Enpass extension also fills. All functionality appears to work as expected.

I'd like to see these issues resolved to then submit a request to Solus dev that Enpass be added to the 3rd Party section of the Solus Software Center.

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