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BUG: IME input reset when inputing a title


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I'm unsure if this is the place for a bug of if this can be treated as a feature request so feel free to move the thread into the right place.
Here is the problem:

On PC, I use Microsoft IME Keyboard which Microsoft default way of handling eastern languages such as Japanese.
When creating or modifying certain fields and most specifically the title, the IME input mode is scrambled:
  - initially shows romaji as input in language bar
  - inputs hiragana as text
  - shows hiragana as input in language bar only after input is validated by pushing enter or erasing everything

I use Microsoft IME in my daily life but this is the only case/application that weirdly override windows default behavior which should simply keep and continue on same input until user requested to switch input using Alt + Shift.

This greatly slows down updating / adding entries in enpass as we have to ensure the correct input mode is set while filling every fields. It would be nice if it was checked.

As a user of enpass on Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile, I use the UWP version but the problem is only located on PC as IME doesn't exists on phone.

The possible affected input languages are all non-latin languages using a microsoft input method editor ( japanese, korean, chinese, traditional chinese....)

Thanks for your help.

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