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Enpass NMHost doesn't work


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i've installed the enpass NMHost komponent v5.5.1.0 (i'm using the store app Version 5.6.6 (5125)) an i've installed the Firefox Browser Extension 5.5.2 but the Firefox Extension can't communicate with my enpass...

Is there any Service (installed by the NMHost Componnent) which i could use for Troubleshooting?

Could i check if the Installation of the NMHost Componnent works fine?

Thank you in advance

With best regards


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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @EndoMorph

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're going through. Please let me know if you're using both the versions of Enpass on your system (Traditional, downloaded from Enpass website). Also, please let me know if you're facing problems using the extensions in other browsers (Opera/Chrome) too.

Further, Open Enpass and make sure that the Enpass browser extension is enabled, now run the following command in command prompt one by one:

  • netstat -ano | findstr 10391
  • netstat -ano | findstr 10392
  • netstat -ano | findstr 10393
  • netstat -ano | findstr 10394
  • netstat -ano | findstr 10395

 Whichever command gives the output, then run this command:

  • echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10391') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on

Note: The value of  findstr 10391 can be changed according to the output. For ex: suppose the output comes after running this command "netstat -ano | findstr 10392" then you have to run this command: 

  • echo off & (for /f "tokens=5" %a in ('netstat -aon ^| findstr 10392') do tasklist /NH /FI "PID eq %a") & echo on

And share the logs via email at support@enpass.io mentioning a link to this discussion and we will take it further.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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thank you very much! The Problem is already solved, here a sort overview about the solution:
I don't use the traditional (dowload from your website), i just use the store (bridged) version.
Other browser extensions working very well (for example Edge and Chrome).

With your suggestions for troubleshooting i could analyse that on a working machine there was a open Socket for the NMHost.exe but on the problematic machine not.

The Problem was that on the working machine the user which installed the NMHost.exe is the same user which use enpass. The user has administrativ privileges.
On the problematic machine the user which use enpass doesn't have administrativ priveleges.
Installing NMHost with a different user as the one which uses enpass seems to cause this problem.

So i just gave the user which uses enpass administrative privileges on the problematic machine for installing NMHost and removed them afterwards.

Now the connection to Firefox works fine :) (even without administrative privileges on the machine)!

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