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Error synchronize Enpass

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hello I wanted to synchronize Enpass 6.61 (804) again and I only get error messages like 904056 on all devices android 7,10,11 windows 10 and mac book when trying to synchronize. I have created a new folder completely empty. But no matter what I changed nothing led to success. Android 11 (Enpass version Error account cannot connect to the specified Webdav folder. Check your username and password. Although I am sure that the username and password are not. because the error only arose after the update to the new version.

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Hi @ulf1234,

Welcome to the forums!

If you get the error message 904056, it means Enpass cannot connect to the internet. So please let us know are you using Proxy/Firewall or Antivirus, which is blocking Enpass from establishing the connection.

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