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Import from Intel True Key never completes

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I am currently using Intel True Key. I would love to give enpass a try, but it fails to import my data:

1. it asks for a .txt, but true key exports a .csv

2. even if I rename it and give it to enpass, it shows the progress bar, but stays there forever - never completes

3. if I cancel it, it has imported nothing

Keep in mind also a few minor issues:

- your site offers enpass 5.6.0 on windows, but the latest is 5.6.5

- the auto-updater detects this, but it prints: current 5.6.0, latest 5.6 (missing the third component of the version to download), so I originally thought this was an issue with the auto-updater - only after importing failed I decided to let auto-updater continue (which of course did not help importing true key data)


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