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Enpass browser extensions for Microsoft Edge desktop don't work

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I've been using Microsoft Edge as my primary browser for while, and Edge used to working somewhat good.
But from a few months from now, extension for Edge just stopped work (pardon my confusing English, I'm still working on it).

I really enjoy how Edge is fast and well integrated with Windows 10, and I now that I deserves this suffer choosing Edge as my main browser, but could you help me?

My setup:

Edge Desktop

Enpass classic desktop (the version got from Windows Store and UWP version are not good as win32 version, bad...).

Chrome and Firefox extensions working properly.

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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @leandrw

Thanks for writing in.

Actually, the Traditional desktop version of the app doesn't support the Edge extension. That's the reason we introduced the bridge version of the same Traditional app in the Windows Store to integrate the support for Edge extension along with the other browser extensions.


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I'm sorry, but this is not the answer.

Since launched, I've been using Windows Store win32 version + bridge for other browsers, and all browsers it works just fine but edge stopped work.

Check the screenshot attached: Edge extension enabled but not registered in Context Menu entries.


Edge: Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0

Microsoft Store Enpass version: 5125

Edge Extension: Last

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