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Timely Security Updates?

Matt Miller

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The last couple updates it seems have taken years to get released. The last update I can recall was close to three years ago. I'm not necessarily looking for new features, but for timely security updates. I don't know of another piece of software that I use regularly and that is of such critical importance that doesn't get regular security patches. Vulnerabilities and exploits are uncovered regularly in libraries and compilers that Enpass must be using.

Why does Enpass go so long without releasing any updates? Am I missing an update channel somewhere?

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So, it see I was missing something. I found the release notes page at https://www.enpass.io/release-notes/windows-10-desktop/, and there I see that the last update was earlier this year. I guess my problem is that I use the "Help | Check for Updates" option daily from within the application, and it seems it's been much longer than that since any update was revealed. Maybe it's updating itself behind the scenes and I haven't noticed.

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