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Saving Wallet on NAS (not WebDAV)

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Hi everyone.

I wanted to check if Enpass fits more to my needs for a password manager. Currently I am using Keepass and there I could easily save my .kdbx-file on my Synology NAS. I had access through my Windows Explorer and could also use Keepass2Android to have access to my passwords via WebDAV. 

Now I tried to do the same with Enpass. Create a wallet and then I tried to move the files in the options from the standard folder in Users>Documents>Enpass to a folder on my NAS. But there I am getting an error which is saying that Enpass doesnt have the permission to do so.

Does anyone know the root cause and how I could grant the rights to do so? - Or do I have to use Enpass with WebDaV also on my desktop PC?


thanks and regards,


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