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Cannot sync Pixel7 phone to OneDrive Error: "The sync with OneDrive was cancelled by the user"


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I've been working on this issue for a couple of months. On my own and with Enpass support. I have set up cloud sync with OneDrive on my HP laptop Win11. But I cannot sync that data to my phone - IOW, my phone has a different copy of my data held in OneDrive/laptop application.

I've done the following as outlined in a post to Enpass forum on 12/23/2020 from Pratyush Sharma (it sounded logical):

  1. Took a manual backup on both the phone and the laptop.
  2. Disconnected the sync on the laptop.
  3. Removed the folder Enpass (there was no Enpass1) from my OneDrive account.
  4. Reset sync first on laptop, then tried again with phone, no go.

Does this work for anyone with Windows and Pixel devices? Has this ever worked for OneDrive? Does anyone have a better procedure for me to try? I really like Enpass except for this freaking annoying frustrating relentlessly dumb problem.

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