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Roadmap Request / ETA for V6 (final)


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Hello Enpass,

can you please draw a (high-level) roadmap for your product?

Looking into existing discussions, version 6 is discussed quite a long time. A beta version for free desktop is available already, other platforms are outstanding.

What I'm looking for  (and I'm pretty sure many other users too) is a rough deadline till a final version of V6 is released.

Other helpful information are: Will it be released for all platforms at the same time? How many beta cycles are expected?

Such an information would help a lot for own rollout plans.



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Guest Akash Vyas

Hey @kingshill

Thanks for writing in and sharing your queries.

I totally understand your eagerness for the release of final the version of the app. Honestly, the team is also excited about rolling out the betas for all the platforms soon where we'll start with each platform separately until they are thoroughly tested and established as near stable. Once the betas are deemed good enough, we'll go for the  Security testing/audit, and post that we'll release the final version of the app. I can assure you that the final release will be rolled out on all the platform at once.  

So as you now know there are some more fishes to fry, we can't assure an exact ETA for the final release.

Till then, please have a look out for the beta on all the platforms. Hope you like them!9_9       

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