In-app purchase with Android running via ARC on Chromebook

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I've been evaluating Enpass, and last night managed to get the Android app working via ARC on my Chromebook. It works flawlessly and syncs to my Webdav as hoped, so I also have the same password DB accessible on my Android tablet too.

My purchasing question is, before I pull the trigger, if I purchase the app via In-App Purchase on my Android tablet, will the version installed (side-loaded, not directly installed from the Play Store) on my Chromebook also be recognized as the 'Pro Version' too? Note that I tried, but In-App Payments does not work from within the app installed on the Chromebook.

Anyone tried this?

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I know it's late, I don't know why you haven't received a reply. I ran into the same issue on my phone (purchased on Chromebook), and restarting the phone worked. Maybe same fix will apply to Chromebook, in case of future inquiries

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