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Enpass Windows 10 main window not rendered or rendered off screen

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I am on the latest Enpass 6 Beta client for Windows 10 desktop. 
As of about a week ago, the main Enpass window won't open. 

It seems to either render off screen or not render at all. 

This occurs whether I use an external monitor or not. 

I have tried the following troubleshooting methods: 

  • Tried without external monitor
  • Restarted machine
  • Re-downloaded and re-installed Enpass
  • Various keyboard shortcuts to move, snap or maximise/minimise window (steps shown below)
    • During this I noticed the context menu doesn't have the option for maximise or minimise - as if the window didn't exist...?

I have linked recorded steps from Windows 10 Steps Recorder. Ignore the Shift + Page Up action as that was a mistake. 

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