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WebDAV + SSL not working (Synology)

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I'm trying to setup the Sync with WEBDAV. But it's not working ...

I'm using Enpass 6.0.0 (187) Beta on Mac OSX. I checked that the WebDAV is working using Mac Finder and entered the url: https .... PORT(5006)/media and I was able to connect to my folders.

When entering the same URL and user/pw into Enpass it tries to sync but then I get a failure: Error -102. (I checked the box to ignore SSL certificate validation, even if the validation should be fine as the cert is issued by Let's Encrypt).

If I go for http instead https it's working fine using the same URL schema:  http .... PORT(5005)/media. Also interesting is that the sync time is listed as year 1970 (see screenshot) for the http sync. This could cause the issue for certificate validation?

Sidenote: on Enpass 5.6.11 it's working also fine even with https url. So, it's only a beta bug!




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Can confirm the issue with https (Port 5006). But the date issue seems to be a specific issue on your side (maybe NAS?).

As you can see in my screenshot, correct timestamps are used....

Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-13 um 19.30.54.png

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The timestamp looks like the "default" time, when no value is set. (also see unix time wiki)

So I would think there might be a bug with setting the correct timestamp that is somewhat correlating to his previous sync via https.

But this is just an educated guess :)

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