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  1. I would like to add, that using the combination CTRL + Q is also not possible to use. Whenever you use that combination it will open up the browser extension's setting page. This goes for both Chrome and Firefox. On a sidenote: Did anyone figure out how the function is supposed to work? Even if I set it to some ungodly hotkey combination, all it will do is open the pop-up for Enpass. Even if there is exactly one entry available. If I activate the "Auto-fill" feature, it works and fills out the fields if only one entry is available; at least for the logins I've tested.
  2. The timestamp looks like the "default" time, when no value is set. (also see unix time wiki) So I would think there might be a bug with setting the correct timestamp that is somewhat correlating to his previous sync via https. But this is just an educated guess
  3. +1 Even on Android 8 there are some situations where I would like to have a keyboard integration!
  4. Hi @Anshu kumar, It is not a matter of bearing at all! Especially since it isn't a matter you can settle yourself. I will stay put and looking forward to the integration. Cheers!
  5. Hi, I've been using enpass for quite a while on my Android device now. One thing that really annoyed me in the beginning, was setting up the webdav folder for synching. I know most of the hastle was due to using my Synology NAS as server and not having an external IPv4 address (I sit behind a thing called Dual-Stack). BUT, it would have been of great help if the app actually displayed the login details. Let alone edit them, without having to re-enter everything everytime. So, the feature request are: add displaying of Sync link (path to webdav) add an edit button to ADJUST these data Besides from this, the Android app is pretty awsome (using Android 8.0.0)!
  6. Hi @Anshu kumar, It's been a while since this post. Is there any timeline or release plan as to when this update is going to come? Not trying to hastle anybody, but I'd really like to see Windows Hello with plugin support :) Cheers!
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