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  1. My wife got this last week. I fixed it myself by disconnected everything and finding out there were multiple Enpass vaults file in OneDrive. Also, they were in multiple various locations one wasn't updated since 2017 so I knew it was safe to delete. Now today I noticed mine stopped working and its asking for OneDrive creds, broke on Win10 2004 and iPhone latest iOS. I will investigate fixing this tomorrow same way I did my wife's Surface Laptop 3 Win10 2004/iPhone/iPad.
  2. Same for me. This use to only by on my Surface Pro 3 1803 build it would crash after a few minutes of fresh boot. I've noticed if I leave the window open it doesn't crash as often. This issue started to appear on my desktop now too which is also 1803. Is there a plan to release a fix soon or is 6.0 version coming in the next few weeks and it has been fixed there?
  3. When will this hit the Windows Store (Bridge) This is a good starting point, but to manually check 200+ accounts 1 at a time doesn't make sense? Would a report be better!
  4. Hello Enpass, I think this is a super important feature to add to Enpass, and this should actually be added ASAP. Pwned v1 has been around for years and v2 was released by Troy Hunt just last week. Within 27 HOURS 1Password already added support. Can Enpass add this feature? I hope this can be turned around within a week or so if 1Password can do it this fast I have all the confidence that Enpass developers are able to make this happen. https://www.troyhunt.com/ive-just-launched-pwned-passwords-version-2/ https://www.troyhunt.com/i-wanna-go-fast-why-searching-through-500m-pwned-passwords-is-so-quick/ https://blog.agilebits.com/2018/02/22/finding-pwned-passwords-with-1password/
  5. Hello, Just started to use the Edge extension and its working well, but I think the UI needs to be tweaked. I have the Dark Theme enabled for Microsoft Edge browser and I noticed the Icon is very hard to see, it looks very dimmed out. Now at first I think that this is suppose to be by design and when you get to a page it recognizes it would turn bright white and stand out, but during testing I signed out of my google account and even though it found the google login the icon did not change. 1.) I don't know if its possible for the icon to change color, but it would be nice to keep it dim on pages its not being used, and light up when it can submit a password for you. I do know that the "Pocket" extension changes to Red when you click add to pocket. 2.) If #1 isn't possible I hope the extension can support the Microsoft Edge dark theme so the icons is visible. I did check the options of the extension and there is no where to enable dark theme.
  6. Hi, I have been using the UWP version for some time and just installed the Bridge version along with the Edge extension! Thanks for getting this working, the biggest saving grace when there wasn't an extension was Windows Hello support to unlock the UWP version. I have a Stargazer Razer camera and love it! Are there plans to bring Windows Hello biometric unlock to the bridge version that was just released? I set up a PIN, but honestly facial unlock was so amazing and going back to Pin is a bit painful! Thanks again and keep up the good work and cant wait to see a modern UI applied to the bridge version, UWP version was very clean!
  7. After this week announcement no reason to add this feature to the UWP version. The bridge version works fine when I'm in the "Favorite's" and doing a search for something not in my favorite's it returns everything just like the iOS and Android version do!
  8. UWP - Missing "Search in all items" option Hello, On iOS and Android I have enabled in the settings "Search in all fields" this saves a lot of time. For example I like to keep my favorites visible, but then using the search to find something not in my favorites. Clear the search field and I'm still in my favorites. This works great on iOS and Android. Can this feature be ported to the UWP version of Enpass?
  9. I was hoping Enpass is able to release the Hello support for Surface Pro 3 devices that are using the backward compatibility Surface Pro 4 type cover finger print. This is how I have had Windows Hello support on my Surface Pro 3 for almost a year now. It was much cheaper option than buying a Pro 4 or Surface Book just to get Windows Hello support. https://www.microsoft.com/surface/en-us/accessories/surface-pro-4-type-cover-fingerprint I was super excited to see full time Hello, but then sad to see it was limited to just two devices.
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