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  1. I have the exact same problem multiple times a day, almost EVERY time I am going to use Enpass to fill a user/pasword. - Edge Version 41.16299.15.0 - Windows 10 Build 1709 (16299.192) - Enpass Desktop 5.6.6 (from the Microsoft Store) - Enpass Edge extension 5.5.2 (from the Microsoft Store)
  2. I would say connection error happens almost 100% of time when I do not use Enpass for one to two hours, and I guarantee that it is not the lock timeout because I have it set to 24 hours, and I do not get any request for credentials
  3. Over the last 24 hours I have had more connection errors than ever, I would say 3 to 6 times more than with previous versions, clearly something is wrong
  4. any update when the Enpass extension for iOS will work? It is available today but doesn't work
  5. Based on experience the last 15 hours I see the connection error more frequent now than with previous versions
  6. I had already installed the latest version 5.6.6 when I got the error. That's the reason I posted, because this used to be an error on earlier versions and I thought It would have been fixed in the last one, unfortunately it did not get fixed.
  7. For unknown reasons I get this error sometimes asking me to start the desktop app, and the desktop app is already running, look at the photo attached, If I try a second time it will be fine
  8. Let us say, I am at a page ready to fill user/pass, then I press in EDGE the Enpass icon, as soon as I press it, it will switch to a different tab, randomly, sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't, but it is very annoying, because then you have to select back the tab you wanted to fill in the credentials with Enpass.
  9. When I do the autofill using the EDGE extension in Windows 10 at the BestBuy.com instead of selecting the "Sign In" button on the login page it will select the "Facebook" button, the fields will be filled correctly but the final sign in click is at the wrong place.
  10. Enpass x64 for Windows 10?

    I just noticed the Enpass desktop application (bridged) for Windows 10 is x86 (32 bits), any plan to have an x64 (64 bits) version available? Thanks
  11. Website specific icon support

    any update on this request? Thanks
  12. With no reason sometimes (randomly) when I press the EDGE extension icon it will jump to another tab, any idea on the root cause? Thanks
  13. Sometimes, randomly the Enpass EDGE popup screen will get stuck on top and even pressing the mouse anywhere nothing will happen, only after a while 5-10 seconds, I will be able to press the mouse and the popup will disappear, any idea on root cause?
  14. It is kind of random, it is hard to define a set of steps, I would say it is kind of time out, it happens when I haven't used the extension for a while, I hope this information helps
  15. Thanks, do you have an estimated timeline for the next release?