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  1. My wife wouldn't deal with it anymore. She is switching to another service which is making my life more difficult. But she has no faith that they are going to fix it given that it has been half a year at this point with nothing. Seriously, what good is a password manager that doesn't fill in passwords?
  2. Also still having issues. Tested with the Vudu movie app. Does not fill in password.
  3. @Manish Chokwal Can you give us any update? You asked us to be patient in October. But it is now December and Enpass Team has been totally silent. This issue and the lack of response from Enpass team is a trust buster. For the people on this forum if we don't get a response in the next couple days we may have to just update reviews in the app store to get the attention of the Enpass Team.
  4. I'm having the same problem on Android 13. It has now been months with no fix or ETA of a fix. What good is a password manager that can't autofill? Can we get an update with an expected fix date please? Please don't add another message saying sorry you will escalate. That is not useful. Give us a real status update please.
  5. I am having the same issue with Tags and Categories. Sometimes the tags show up sometimes they don't. Categories sometimes the entire category label doesn't show. If I go to view categories and uncheck. Then close and open. Then check categories and then close and open, categories will always be there. But a random number of opens later it will disappear. Tags the label is always there. But many times the tags themselves are missing.
  6. Everyday I find a reason to confirm my choice of using Enpass over the other password managers!! Thank you for listening. I see my feature request made it in the latest version. Keep up the amazing work!!!!!
  7. There are two ways to code Face ID on Android. One that requires you to press the confirm button after the face recognition process and one that doesn't. The extra confirm button press doesn't add any additional security. I wish Enpass would switch to the one that just unlocked when it saw your face. I have uploaded an example of the Experian app that used the one that doesn't require a confirm button press.
  8. I am having this problem with English on a Surface Pro 2 running Windows 10 Pro (version 1803), Default Resolution of 2160 x 1440, Scaling is set to 150%(Recommended) and I only use the builtin display. I have tried both with and without Allow Windows to Fix Blurry Apps. The font does not line up with any of the boxes on any of the screen. The font looks like it is not scaling at all. Not sure what other troubleshooting steps to try.
  9. Same results here. Disabled the Edge Extension and it is no longer crashing.
  10. Are you using the machine with multiple users? No I am not Which cloud services are you using to sync? DropBox Are you using both the versions of Enpass? No I am only using Enpass Password Manager - Verison 5.6.6 Have you imported the data from any other software? I did not. I have been using Enpass for several years. I will disable the Edge extension and see what happens. I don't use Edge very often. I do however use the Google Chrome Extension all the time.
  11. It just occurred for me this morning as well. So this is not resolved.
  12. I have not seen the issue since the update. Thanks.
  13. @Akash Vyas Enpass is still having this issue when I start up. Did you receive any followup from the team?
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