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Touchscreen issues and case sensitivity search

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Hi guys,

First of all I would like to thank you for wonderful job with new version. Unfortunately I have the same issues with on screen touch keyboard as with regular version of Enpass on my Surface 3.  

Since I am using Surface mainly without keyboard I have windows set up to show touch keyboard when there is no keyboard attached. It means, that whenever I click into input field, the keyboard show up and if the input field should be covered with touch keyboard it moves up on screen. Enpass does not behave this way, so when I try to open enpass from taskbar, I have to manually open touch keyboard and it covers the enpass window, so I have to type the password blindly.

Second issue is the search inside the app. In the Enpass 6 it seem to be case sensitive unlike the previous version. I understand that it could be useful for some users, but it would if it would be optional.




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