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folders: where are they?


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I am trying the beta 6 build 187 and there are no folders. where are they? i make extremely heavy use of them, easily over 1,000 entries.

to be clear, i started using enpass specifically and only because 1password did away with folders and tried to pass off tags as a suitable replacement. they aren't! when can we expect folders to appear in the 6.0 beta?

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actually they don't work the same way and so you can't use them to replace folders. try to create these two tag structures:

  • "parentA:sub1:tagMustBeUnique"
  • "parentB:sub2:tagMustBeUnique"

the system will not create the second "tagMustBeUnique". each tag has to be unique in the entire tag tree, or so it would seem. for tags this actually makes sense. not for folders.

also, at present i can go into a folder, add an item, and it is assigned to that folder. not so with a tag. i have to create the item first, then tag it as an additional step. one-off, no problem i guess, though it is a step backwards. however, considering the volume of entries and churn i am dealing with, big problem.

so tags are a fail as a replacement for folders, as they were when enacted by 1password. my largest repository is about 1,300 entries. i also have one that is another 650. so in total i am dealing with 2k entries that are constantly being added, deleted, moved here and there. this won't do.

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I certainly would like to have folders (back).

Maybe keep Tags separate? I can see a case for each. Folders work better when the hierarchy is relevant while Tags are pretty nice if you want categories (that can overlap). Both combined should work for every use case.

Btw just an example from my current KeePass file (which I cannot replace with Enpass under these current circumstances - without Folders):

| Root
   \ Project 1
      \ Development
      | Test
      | Production
   | Project 2
      \ Development
      | Test
      | Production
   | ...

Under each sub folder (Development, Test, Production) I have the necessary SSH keys, passwords, etc. for these environments. I think you get the idea.

Yes, I can probably build ugly tag names to "fix" this ("Project1_Development", "Project1_Test", ...). But it is still not as convenient as it could be.

Just to be sure: don't  throw away tags. They are nice. Add folders (again) and keep these features separate. Folders are used in a different way than tags, but they may certainly be used in conjunction.

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