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Preview of attached images must be improved

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If i attach images in Enpass 6 (198) and then preview them they are very hard to read, very close to impossible. This was not the case in Enpass 5.6.9 since the image opened in a separeate viewer.

On the attached image 01.Enpass.PNG you can see how the image 02-Original-image.PNG looks when being previewed in Enpass 6 (198). As you can see, and test yourself by downloading 02-Original-image.PNG and attach it the image is impossible to read when you preview it in Enpass 6 (198).

The problem is that the preview area in Enpass 6 (198) is set to a fixed size. So if i maximize Enpass 6 (198) on my 27-inch 2560x1440 the preview are in Enpass is small no matter if the UI size in Enpass is maximized or manually adjusted to a smaller size. Since it is an existing option to attach images we need to be able to view them inside Enpass without having to work around the issue by saving the image locally out from Enpass and then use another media player to preview the image.

I am certainly not expecting to have a prefect preview of 4K images, but do expect to have crisp and clean previewes of smaller screen dumps of different settings in let´s say Microsoft Outlook mail settings. :)




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