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[Windows/Linux/macOS] Scrolling is buggy

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When I scroll through the list of entries and select one, occasionally the entry gets deselected and the list scrolls back on its own.

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@Meister ,you can add macOS to the title if possible. Here I have some erratic behaviour as well. It seems like there is an issue if the selected item leaves the window when scrolling up/down, it always switches back to the selected item.

Another issue with scrolling is in the editor 'window'. When scrolling sometimes all text fields dissappear for a while and I can only scroll to the top of notes field, from there I have to grab the scroll bar with the mouse pointer.

Actually this happens in every view that is scrollable.

BUT: All of this only happens when using the scroll wheel on a mouse. On the trackpad there doesn't seem to be an issue.

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